Saturday, August 28, 2010

NCJA 2010- Finalist

National contemporary jewellery award is a biennial exhibition open to all jewellers in Australia. Last time I sent a ring to the competition and it was my first piece to sell. So this time I was more excited to enter. This exhibition is opening on 9th september 2010 and runs till 3rd october,2010 at GRIFFITH REGIONAL ART GALLERY,NSW.

Medium- Sterling silver, copper, mild steel, 9ct yellow gold, 22ct yellow gold, patination.

My work is a kinetic neckpiece so its shape can be changed by pulling it down or sideways. I have used around 190 petals, each of which is riveted together. I have used sequins in between to prevent wear and tear of metal and add friction. Layers of copper, silver, gold and mild steel are fused together and patina is applied for final finish.

Finalists include; Brendan Adair-Smith, Marina Antoniou, Kristy-Lee
Agresta, Jane Bowden, Melissa Cameron, Simon Cottrell, Catherine Da Costa,
Anna Davern, Christopher Earl Mibourne, Susan Frisch, Emi Fukuda, Linda
Hughes, Tassia Joannides, Jin Ah Jo, Puneet Jodhka, Erin Keys, Ingrid
Lockley, Chris Massey, Leslie Matthews, Claire O'Halloran, George Plionis,
Nicole Polentas, Jessamy Pollock, Phoebe Porter, Brenda Ridgewell, Amy
Robson, Regine Schwarzer, Mitsue Slattery, Bernadette Trainor, Linda Van
Niekerk, Kathryn Wardill, Andrew Welch and Katherine Wheeler.


Gallery Hours
Wednesday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Weekends 10am – 3pm