Saturday, November 21, 2009


This post is about the three exhibitions I have in November,2009 along with my classmates.
Graduate exhibition- Nov11th to Nov 16th, 2009 at Box Hill town hall
Materialise- Nov11th to nov 28th,2009 at Whitehorse artspace gallery
The peep Show- Nov24th- nov30th at Self Preservation gallery.

We call ourselves "The Body Corporate" which represents 9 jewellers from diverse background brought together in Melbourne.
The above picture is from my Graduate exhibition inspired from a vintage purse.

This is my third exhibition in November. Thanks to Stephen and Karyn who took the initiative and then thanks to all my classmates for making this a wonderful experience. This exhibition will take place in Self Preservation gallery from 24th nov till 30th nov,2009. This is a Peep show - Through the cityscapes in Melboure you can take a peep into our contemporary jewellery.

A glimpse of Whitehorse Art Space gallery exhibition. We were having two exhibitions at same time. One was the Graduate exhibition which was at Box Hill town hall-lower hall and other one was upstairs in the gallery along with textile students.

My sincere thanks to my group "The Body Corporate" and Textile group "Stratum" for making this exhibition so easy.

The silversmithing exhibition- Mad hatters Tea party also happened in the same Whitehorse space gallery. The above picture shows bowls, spoon and fork. It is made up of powder coated copper.

I would really like to thank my teachers Dianne Beevers, Lorraine white, Nicky Hepburn, Jessica Morrison, Coconut lu and Kathryn Wardill for their constant encouragement and support throughout these two years of my study.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paper Jewellery....

Challenged from the softness and the vulnerability of paper, I was curious to make jewellery out of it. Initially, there were doubts in my mind regarding its durability, but nothing remains permanent forever. Moreover there was vibrant range of colours to play with.

In this collection, I have used quilling paper and 0.9mm round sterling silver wire.

Paper can easily wear and tear, so you just need to handle it carefully if you like to have fun with colours.

This sterling silver piece (above) can be worn as a ring. It's kind of spiky ring but if you uncomfortable with it you can put your chain through the cheniers below and wear it as a pendant.

Enjoy the colours and please dont wear it in RAIN!