Thursday, May 10, 2012

From concept to reality

The above image (left side) is a design made on Rhino 4.0 and rendered in Brazil. And the right side is a finished product 3d printed in nylon dyed with fine silver tube riveting and 42cm silver plated cable chain. ( To see more of my kinetic jewellery , log on to )

Its amazing how far the technology has taken us, helping us in every aspect of life. I always wanted to learn CAD to give my ideas a virtual reality. It really saves time and money.

In my quest to go beyond norms of jewellery, I aspire to add movement in my work. Each work is made of layers which rotates and form varying configurations. In the above photo, this kinetic pendant is made of five layers which can rotate and can be worn with different styles.

As we say, Variety is the spice of life!