Tuesday, May 4, 2010


GRADUATE METAL 12 was survey exhibition of graduating students of Asia, Africa and Australia during 14th biennial conference of Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia , Perth.
(9-11th april, 2010)
I had my two pieces exhibiting (shown above). They are 22ct gold plated copper and polypropylene plastic.

LISA WALKER WORKSHOP - 6,7,8 APRIL 2010This workshop was about collecting any material and manipulating into different jewellery pieces. Everybody had loads of stuff with them to work upon, so first day was quite interesting.

This brooch is made with recycled upholestry.
Lisa walker, i loved her approach towards different materials. She made us work out of our comfort zone and try out something new.
What I learnt during her workshop was that there is load of stuff lying around you. Just pick it up and create a piece!

13,14,15 APRIL 2010.

There is a lot of colour in my work which made me to do workshop of enamelling. Elizabeth Turrel workshop was truly amazing. I was the only one who was trying enamelling for first time. On the first day we did Grafito, where we applied wet process enamel on grip coat and when it got dried we did some drawing and played with effects of opaque, translucent and transparent white enamel. Also by using only transparent enamel on copper we can have different colours by firing at different temperature and times. I loved this!

Then we stamped on the metal using normal ink and sift jewellery enamel on it and got these beautiful stamped images. We also mixed different materials in transparent jewellery enamel like beach sand, oxides, graphite, coper flakes and more.........!

The most interesting thing for me was transfer enamels. Printing digital images on transfer paper/decal and then firing onto metal opened my mind to unlimited possibilities of making a piece. Oh my god there is so much to do with enamelling. I will surely pursue it further.

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