Sunday, October 24, 2010

MEGA CRAFT HATCH 23rd Oct,2010

Setting up my first individual stall at State Library of Victoria (experimedia) in the morning, I was very much in awe. There was so much talent around me and I was also honoured to be a part of it. I wanted to present myself informally to the customers so I drew my work on foam board and wrote by hand (instead of printing) for a display. This felt very amateurish but I got good feedback from the customers. Coming from Victoria mason " Display is good, very informative". My work was about kinetic jewellery, so I had to show movement to people so only displaying my work was not enough. Hence, I drew my work and showed how petals rotate with arrows. I also kept giving demonstrations on how to wear one piece with different variations. People really like the idea of movement and gave me some positive feedback.

The above picture was taken in the end of the day. I am still smiling which means that I had a very good day and I want to thank Craft Victoria for giving me this opportunity and my fellow stallholders for encouraging me. It was a really good opportunity to put yourself out in the market and see how people react. And when they say "wow", all the pain seems worthwhile. After I finished packing, I was very much motivated and more determined to deliver the promise that I made to all the people who appreciated my work.

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  1. Your 'robot' brooches were fantastic and I hadn't seen your use of magnets before.

    Keep up the great work.