Thursday, October 25, 2012

TOO many Options.....

My kinetic jewellery is all about moving andd wearing in different styles. So one have different options to wear one piece.

For example- Kinetic Neckpiece........ BUY-
You can move all circle in one straight line and wear it in centre or sideways. (above)

Then you can fold the circle at any angle. (above)

zig- zag!

You can take out clasp from one silver ring ang put in any other silver ring. Above photo shows that now you can wear the same neckpiece in long pendant style.

Or someday if you dont want long pendant , you can make it short.


Then one day someone asked if i can provide option in colors?? I said let me think about it.
Above is the same kinetic neckpiece ( as red). This one is black on one side ( above) and grey one the other side (below). Also available blue on one side and grey on other.

 When you fold in upward direction , you can wear the black side (above) . And when you fold in downward direction, you can wear the grey side (below.).

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