Wednesday, June 9, 2010


" Honorable Mention in Jewellery design category" in GOTYA VIC 2009
Graduate of the year awards 2009 -GOTYA from victoria is organised by Design Institute of Australia. We were asked to send two images of our work which we did during the course of the study.
As I said in my previous post, I made vessels which can also be worn as jewellery. So the first picture present my collection of wearable vessels. The second picture shows the designing process. The renderings are made by hand using water colours and steadler pencils. It is very important to present a visual of the design with different variations to gain initial confidence of the customer.
Judge's Feedback:
My view is that the manufactured work presented is a clever expansion of an age old concenpt. I appreciate the transformation and particularly enjoyed the transformation of the color.
What I would have like to have seen more of a detailed view of the work to enable me asses the quality of the workmanship.
For the pear shape design-rendering i found it challenging to have a clear view. Understanding that this may be conceptual and from what I can see the collar looks potentially stunning, I note that I would be mindfull that these renderings do not fully represent the practicalities of manufacture and would not in my view accurately present the final piece to the client.
Congratulations on your entry and I commend you on your efforts and am ceratin that you have a bright future ahead.
Shaylee Mckenzie.
I am glad to receive the feedback and will work more on the details of presentation. There was so much work I wanted to put it which made me compromise with the details, but I will keep this in my mind. Thanks alot for appreciating my work!
I genuinely want to thank my teacher " Lorraine White" who asked me to participate in first place. I am glad that I chose Box Hill Institute of TAFE to study and have such wonderful teachers.
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  1. Congratulations!
    This work, and your silversmithing (the wearable boxes and the vase bracelet) look amazing!

  2. Thanks alot. U too congratulations for your work at