Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Inspired from the gold boxes of renaissance period, I intended to make boxes which can also be worn as jewellery. This was theme for my graduate exhibition 2009. Goldsmiths of 18th centurn Europe made gold boxes using intricate patterns in high carat gold and it alloys and enamelling techniques. To depict rich color of gold I used 22ct gold plated copper and to show enamelling colors, I used colors of polypropylene plastic.

The above picture is a small box, inspired from vintage purses. It is silver plated copper and when upside down (picture below), it can be worn as a ring and has a hologram beneath

Below is a small vessel which is made by powder coated copper. It can also be worn as a two-finger ring.

This 22ct gold plated copper is a small box and a pendant. I have used green polypropylene plastic to depict green enamelling color. This piece was exhibited in GRADUATE METAL 12 in Perth during 14th Biennial JMGA conference.

This is again 22ct gold plated copper and I have used red polypropylene plastic to depict red enamelling color. This is also a small box and when upside down , it can be worn as a ring (as shown in the picture above). This piece was also exhibited in GRADUATE METAL 12, Perth.

The above box is 22ct gold plated copper and sterling silver with peridot set in bezel. It is inspired from "snuff box" which goldsmiths made during 18th centruy in Europe.

The above piece is a solid sterling silver bangle and stands like a small flower pot.

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